Where I’m At


Sorry I haven’t posted on a while. Life has been happening and haven’t really gotten a chance to write anything in a while. I just want to update you guys with where I’m at in life and in my ministry.

So recently I just moved out of my parents house. It has been a trip for sure. I have been learning how to budget my money better and also I’ve been having to trust God in a new area of my life: the area of finances. It has been really tight money wise and I have never really had to trust Jesus with the provision of the things that I need. I’ve always had my parents to provide for me. It’s something that is hard, but it is also something I need to learn. Being dependent on Jesus is something that I strive for and this is offering me an opportunity to give Him more of my trust. I moved in with some Christian bros that I go to church with and that has been great. Being able to fellowship and have conversations about Jesus whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Ministry wise: I know I have expressed to you guys that I have a passion for youth and youth ministry. I have been heavily involved as a youth leader at my church and that has been amazing. Being able to connect with the kids is a blessing and being able to be a part of their spiritual growth has been a gift from God. I am also going to be taking over discipleship groups for the boys in youth this coming fall. I know I will always have a passion for youth. I have also expressed to you that I was wanting to be a youth pastor. But things have come up in my life (that I don’t care to share with you at the present moment) and I feel like that involvement in youth ministry isn’t what I originally had planned for it to be. I feel like God is calling me to something else. I believe I will always be involved in youth ministry, just not the way I had originally intended.

I need prayer. Prayer to be able to trust Jesus in all things and prayer for ministry. Specifically in the areas concerning being a youth pastor or not and leading the discipleship groups for the young guys in youth. I need guidance of the Holy Spirit and for Him to guide my steps. Thanks for reading! Love you guys.

In God’s grip,