It’s Okay To Go To The Deepest Parts Of Struggle.

“I am learning how to struggle.

I am learning how to hurt.

I am learning how to wrestle and not give up.

I am learning perseverance and endurance.

I am learning just how weak I am and just how STRONG God is.”

Now, I’m not sure who penned these words, but I first read them in a blog post by Jake Larson. It was one of those things that you read and think, “Man, God had that for me today.” Learning how to struggle is exactly what I have been doing as of late. Struggling is so often looked at as a bad thing, and to some degree, it does suck. However, on the other hand, struggle is good. As my stepdad once told me, “I hate to see you struggle, but it shows you aren’t willing to give up. You aren’t willing to give in to what the world is telling you. It shows that you really care about what God has to say about sin.” Another saying that I absolutely love is “Hallelujah we are free to struggle. We aren’t struggling to be free.” That comes from Tenth Avenue North’s song The Struggle. Through this process of struggle, God had been teaching me a lot of things through this season of my life and has been doing a lot of heart work in me. A few of which are:

•Patience || God has been teaching me what patience really looks like. I am learning to wait on Him and His timing for all things. Patience with frustrating situations or people at work.

•God is the only one who can pick up the broken pieces of my heart and put it back together. I can’t rely on other people to fix me, especially since everyone is broken in their own way and that people aren’t perfect.

•God is teaching me to rely on His strength because I can’t do it on my own, that it’s okay to be weak and even to reach out to others and especially Him in moments of weakness.

•He’s teaching me to remember that even when I do fail, He dusts me off and tells me to try again. That it’s not always about being completely free from sin, but learning the art of trying again.

If you are struggling, know that the struggle and suffering isn’t going to last forever if you belong to Christ Jesus. Be encouraged in the fact that struggling shows you care about God and His movement in your life.

In God’s grip,