What is Repentance?

What is repentance?

Can I not be satisfied with a simple penance?

It seems right though, doesn’t it?

The act of working to earn the favor of the one who created us?

But it doesn’t seem to work one bit.

I work and work, but at the end of it all I’m just one giant mess.

I work with all my might.

Only to be outshone by the Light.

What’s the point if my works can’t earn favor?

Will I ever be accepted by the Almighty Savior?

I’m the younger brother.

I run off and squander the things my Father has given me.

With Him I don’t even bother.

I just want to live happy and free.

You see, we all have this sickness; this SIN-sickness.

Pleasing ourselves, that’s our business.

Is there a cure for this black heart?

This is where we need to start.

You see, there’s this guy named Jesus.

But He didn’t come to please us.

He came to save us from our sin.

Do you know what He did? What He did when our souls were soaked with gin?

God came in the flesh and died for that sin!

Body piercing saved our lives!

He was nailed to a cross and bore that weight!

He cleared our slate!

Because of that my soul thrives.

Do you remember that brother?

That brother who with his Father wouldn’t even bother?

That son, hungry and poor, came to his Father saying, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you, and I am no longer worthy to be called Your son.”

Humbly he came realizing that that life he lived wasn’t all that fun.

Do you know what that Father did?

He embraced and kissed His son.

His son He could not, would not rid.

To His son He did run.

It’s the same way with Jesus.

To come humbly before Him and say that we’ve sinned and that we need Him.

He says, “Come to Me in your weakness.”

Don’t get repentance confused with penance.

To work for salvation is just nonsense!

It’s not just nonsense, it doesn’t make sense!

You see, we are all enslaved to sin.

Only Jesus can set us free.

And to this I grin!

Because to true joy and freedom, Jesus is the key!