Death and the Hope I Have

Seeing death is a hard thing to come to grips with. I have seen many people whom I love dearly die and also many people who I don’t know die. Even though I don’t know these people it still breaks my heart to know that a family has lost a loved one. I write this because a little girl named Talia has passed away because of cancer. Lets be honest, cancer sucks. I have lost a best friend to cancer. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to cope with.

Death shows that we live in a broken and degenerating world. I believe that death hurts us so much is because God did not include death in his original plan for the universe and for his people, which He called good. It was after Adam ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil that death plagued the world. Not only physical death but spiritual death as well. We were separated from God. Death is not a natural thing and that’s why it hurts so much.

Whenever I think of death, I come back to John 11:35. It says, “Jesus wept.” The shortest Bible verse in the English language. In this chapter, Jesus’ good friend Lazarus passed away. Weeping is something entirely different than just crying. Weeping involves a pain so deep that all you can do is let reality sink in and try to find the path to healing. It comforts me to know that Jesus wept. He can sympathize with us when we lose a loved one. The God of the universe can sympathize with us when we lose someone. How great is that! And for those who hope in Christ and his completed work on the cross and through the resurrection we don’t have to fear death because we know that death was defeated. We are merely “asleep” until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory?” (I Corinthians 15:55 NKJV)

The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. (I Corinthians 15:26 NKJV)

In God’s grip,

Where I’m At


Sorry I haven’t posted on a while. Life has been happening and haven’t really gotten a chance to write anything in a while. I just want to update you guys with where I’m at in life and in my ministry.

So recently I just moved out of my parents house. It has been a trip for sure. I have been learning how to budget my money better and also I’ve been having to trust God in a new area of my life: the area of finances. It has been really tight money wise and I have never really had to trust Jesus with the provision of the things that I need. I’ve always had my parents to provide for me. It’s something that is hard, but it is also something I need to learn. Being dependent on Jesus is something that I strive for and this is offering me an opportunity to give Him more of my trust. I moved in with some Christian bros that I go to church with and that has been great. Being able to fellowship and have conversations about Jesus whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Ministry wise: I know I have expressed to you guys that I have a passion for youth and youth ministry. I have been heavily involved as a youth leader at my church and that has been amazing. Being able to connect with the kids is a blessing and being able to be a part of their spiritual growth has been a gift from God. I am also going to be taking over discipleship groups for the boys in youth this coming fall. I know I will always have a passion for youth. I have also expressed to you that I was wanting to be a youth pastor. But things have come up in my life (that I don’t care to share with you at the present moment) and I feel like that involvement in youth ministry isn’t what I originally had planned for it to be. I feel like God is calling me to something else. I believe I will always be involved in youth ministry, just not the way I had originally intended.

I need prayer. Prayer to be able to trust Jesus in all things and prayer for ministry. Specifically in the areas concerning being a youth pastor or not and leading the discipleship groups for the young guys in youth. I need guidance of the Holy Spirit and for Him to guide my steps. Thanks for reading! Love you guys.

In God’s grip,