Take My Life

Yesterday at my Youth Group, called Heirforce, we sang a worship song called Take My Life by Third Day. It is an amazing song and I would recommend it to anyone. But anyway, I’ve been really thinking about the lyrics and I wanted to share my impression of them with you guys.

The first verse goes to say, “How many times have I turned away? The number is the same as the sand on the shore. But every time you’ve taken me back, and now I pray you do it once more.” What I get from this, but it is also obvious, is that we all sin. But because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He will always remain faithful. Even though we have sinned so many times it’s immeasurable.

The chorus goes like this, ” Please take from me my life when I don’t have the strength, to give it away to you. Please take from me my life when I don’t have the strength to give it away to you, Jesus.” And what I get from this is that God is in control no matter what and that if you are struggling in any aspect of your life that you can just give it all to God and know that he has a plan for you.

The second verse is very similar but instead of sand on the shore it’s stars in the sky. I have been thinking about this a lot and I just wanted to share it with you. I pray that if you are struggling with sin that you could just give it to God and let him take the reins in your life.

In God’s grip,